A renovation

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

A lot has gone on since I started this.. I have finished my family medicine residency, I have moved, and I am going thru a divorce..

I think I may continue the use I originally intended this for (life thru the eyes of high functioning austism) and in addition include articles/research studies I find interesting.

I am very open to people asking questions or having me talk about certain effect of HFA on medicine/life.

  1. Sapphyreopal5 says:

    Hi I’m interested to know how you got into medical school, let alone completed it (is your case rather mild to where you can experience empathy and whatnot). I am aware of the stereotypes held against those who are on the spectrum yet I’m interested in may be becoming a physician assistant. Do you ever get sensory overload when dealing with patients, or do you ever get overwhelmed with how many patients you see in a day? Better yet, would you say that there are colleagues of yours who you suspect may have ASD but have never been diagnosed (or keeping it to yourself)? I hope you still check this website because I am quite interested in medicine, believe that becoming a PA could be a great way of going about it but am stuck on what to do!

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